You may add funds to your student’s food service account by sending a check to your school cafeteria made out to RRISD Food Service or by credit card at There is a minimal transaction fee to add money to a student’s account utilizing the online service, but there is no charge to set up low balance alerts or to view account activity.

Each student is assigned a Food Service Pin #. Students will either need to key in this number or swipe the barcode on their student ID to purchase meals or snacks in the school cafeteria. If you need to look up a students Food Service PIN #, please log in to Home Access Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my student’s meals?

You can visit your school cafeteria or give the money to your student to pay with either cash or check.  The cafeteria staff will apply the funds provided directly into your students meal fund account.  If paying by check, please make it payable to RRISD Food Service, include your driver’s license number, phone number and add your student’s name and school ID number to the memo field of the check.

Or you can pay online with a credit card, debit card or draft from your checking account via   payment transaction service.  A transaction fee of $1.95 per transaction will be applied.  Visit online or download their app on your smart phone.

Accounts through MySchoolBucks are free.  There is only a fee to perform an online money transaction. Transactions made through the school cafeteria are free of charge and will be able to be managed at no cost through MySchoolBucks.  Other features such as low balance notifications, access to your student’s cafeteria meal history and managing accounts for multiple students are free

How is a student meal fund account created?

All students within the Round Rock school district are assigned a student ID number.  This number is used in the cafeteria as their meal account number.  You may place money into the account and it will only be used for meal purchases or you may send money each day with your student.

What is the name of the district’s Food Service student meal fund account system?

In April 2015 Round Rock ISD school district Food Service changed the student meal fund online account transaction systems from PayPams to MySchoolBucks.

Is the money I deposit for school meals held by MySchoolBucks?

No, MySchoolBucks is a payment transaction service, similar to PayPal.  All student meal funds are held by the school district in a secure account specifically for school meals.

Why did Food Service change systems from PayPams to MySchoolBucks?

Changing payment providers allows Food Service to deliver features frequently requested by  parents such as; low balance notifications and receipts, you have access to your student’s cafeteria meal history which means you can see exactly what they are buying,  manage accounts for multiple students, set up reoccurring payments, compete transactions online or through the MySchoolBucks mobile app.

What happens to the meal funds I already have deposited in my students account with the PayPams payment transaction service?

All money previous deposited into student accounts using the PayPams payment transaction service will automatically be accessible in your students MySchoolBucks meal fund account.

Will my student’s meal fund account number stay the same?

There is no change on how your student pays for their meal in the cafeteria.  When they scan their student ID card, use their PIN or provide their last name to purchase a meal or food item their new MySchoolBucks account itemizes the transaction and provides the most current balance available.

How much money should I deposit into my student’s meal fund account?

Meal pricing is as follows:

Elementary – Lunch $2.60, Breakfast $1.35

Secondary – Lunch $2.85, Breakfast $1.35

A la cart items such as chips, drinks, an extra entrée, extra sides and ice cream are priced individually.


Depending on the frequency your student will be participating in the school meal program, you may pay day by day or deposit enough money to accommodate their meals for the week, month or entire school year.

What happens if my student’s meal fund account doesn’t have any money in it?

A student can bring cash each day to pay for meals.  They are not required to deposit money and use their school meal fund account.  However, when the student has a low balance or exhausted the funds in their meal account a note will be sent home.  If you open a MySchoolBucks account you can set low balance reminders that will be emailed to you.


Elementary students may not incur more than $6.00 in debt.  After charging two regular meals, students will be offered a cheese sandwich and milk at a charge of $ .80.  All outstanding balances must be paid in full before a regular meal is offered.


Secondary students who have low or negative balances will be offered a sandwich and milk for lunch at $ .80.  No meals can be offered after five negative fund balance charges.  Students will not be allowed to incur more than a $4.00 debt.  All charges must be paid before a regular meal is offered.

Do I have to fill out any paperwork or go to a website to transfer funds from PayPams to My School Bucks?

No, there will be no need to transfer funds.  The fund balance in your student’s PayPams account will seamlessly transition so the data can be viewed and accessed through the MySchoolBucks portal.

To access your student’s meal fund data through MySchoolBucks you will need to open a MySchoolBucks account.

Is MySchoolBucks secure?

My School Bucks adheres to the strictest security standards for online payments. As a service of Heartland School Solutions, a division of Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (NYSE: HPY), they’ve got the support, security, resources and expertise of the nation’s 5th largest payment processor, responsible for more than $80 billion in transactions annually.

How do I get started?

Click on and create a user profile by clicking on Sign Up Today.

For your convenience, online How-To-Videos are available.

What happens to the balance if my student leaves the district?

To obtain a refund, call Sarah Kersey at 512-428-2977 or email Sarah.

School districts are not linked together and funds can not be transferred.