Nutrition Education

Round Rock ISD’s chosen nutrition education programs are CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health), HUSSC (HealthierUS School Challenge) and Farm to School.

Food Services supports the district in promoting and extending the reach of these important programs through our menu offerings, participation in school and community events, and communication outreach.

The Food Service Department is required by the USDA to provide appropriate menu
substitutions to students with a “disability that restricts their diet.” If your student has a food
allergy, intolerance, or a disability that restricts their diet, please complete the form below:
>>Special Meals Request Form 


MyPlate illustrates the five food groups providing emphasis on making at least half the plate fruits and vegetablesMyPlate

In each one of our Cafés we display the “My Plate” sign. MyPlate  is part of a larger communication initiative based on a 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to help consumers make better food choices. The USDA asks us to display the sign to remind students to eat healthfully. MyPlate illustrates the five food groups providing emphasis on making at least half the plate fruits and vegetables.

At each campus we offer and encourage students to try new foods. For our K-5 campuses we host “Taste it Tuesday.” On “Taste it Tuesday” we sample a nutritious item to every student who is interested in discovering a new healthy food favorite; such as blood oranges, edamame, sugar snap peas, hummus, radishes and more. It’s our way of encouraging students to try new foods. We invite you to come to a “Taste it Tuesday” event or for any other meal service. Our Café’s are always open to family members who wish to join their child during one of our meal services. Check your menu for the next “Taste it Tuesday” event.

At our secondary schools we frequently offer a “healthy bite” sample of new entrees, providing the opportunity for students to try before they buy. If we aren’t offering samples on a day your student would like to try something before buying, please encourage them to inquire with the Café Manager.

Farm to School

Farm to school programs improve school nutrition by connecting Texas schools with local producers. Incorporating locally grown products into healthy school meals benefits Texas students and the businesses of Texas farmers, ranchers and other producers. Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) seeks to introduce students to fresh and nutritious, locally grown food and establish Texas as a national leader in state farm-to-school programs.

TDA’s statewide Farm to School initiative currently focuses on increasing the amount of local food products served in schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. TDA’s statewide Farm to School initiatives support Texas schools seeking to:

  • incorporate more local products into school meals
  • incorporate nutrition education into classroom lessons
  • connect students with local producers
  • create and/or maintain a school garden

TDA local product challenges

Each year, TDA challenges schools to use more Texas products in meals served during National School Breakfast week, recognized in March and National School Lunch Week, held in October.  Consistently, Round Rock ISD Food Services has been acknowledged with Certificates of Achievement for procuring locally produced milk, produce and wheat flour.

School Gardens
Studies have shown that school gardens can expand a student’s knowledge and willingness to try healthy foods.

photo of two students, one holding cauliflower

For campuses that are interested in starting their own school garden Food Services has developed a district School Garden Guide Book. The guide book is intended to serve as a resource for your school in determining steps to get started, who to approach for funding and share success stories.

After you have achieved your gardening goals Food Services can assist in procuring the same type(s) of produce that is harvested from the garden but meets the volume and food safety requirements to be served in the school’s cafeteria for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to request a tour of your school kitchen please contact your Café manager.  If you are a parent or RRISD district employee and are interested in touring our central kitchens, please call our office at 512-464-8382.

CATCH logo - Coordinated Approach To Child Health