Frequently Asked Questions

Does the menu vary compared to the printed version?

The menu is subject to change. Generally the menu stays the same, however due to a shortage in supply or other reason, there may be a substitution.

May my child have juice instead of milk?

Yes, an assortment of 100% fruit juice is offered as a daily side option. Water is also available free of charge.

What if my child has dietary restrictions?

The National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs allow substitutions on a case by case basis for the basic meal requirements if a child is unable to consume the requirements because of medical of other special dietary needs. The variety and number of entrees offered in the cafeteria generally meets most dietary needs. If you do not find something on our menus to meet your child’s dietary needs, you will need to provide a doctor’s note to both the school nurse and the cafeteria manager.

Are gluten-free options available?

Yes, a list of all gluten-free options is posted on the Menus page of the district website. If you have questions about our gluten-free options, please contact your child’s school cafeteria manager.

Does the cafeteria offer meat with Lean Finely-Textured Beef (LFTB) a.k.a. “pink slime”?

No, the Round Rock ISD Food Services Department is committed to only offering the highest quality products to your child.

How are portion sized determined?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) determines the portions by age so they better meet the food and nutritional needs of children. These portions or serving standards designed to give each child at their age level one-third of their daily nutritional requirement of food.

How is the price of reduced meals and student paid meals determined?

The USDA requires a reduced meal price maximum of $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch. As a part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFK), school districts are required to adjust meal prices by $.10 each year until the student paid price is equal to or greater than the free reimbursement. Free reimbursement for the 2013-14 school year is $2.86.

What about high fructose corn syrup and sugary items on the menu?

Although currently there are no policies about HFCS in the schools, we only carry a small amount of items in our cafeterias that still contain HFCS. Many of our baked goods and entrees are prepared and cooked in our central kitchens so we can ensure a healthy, high-quality product. Currently, we serve three condiments (ketchup, syrup, and jelly) and three entrees (French Toast Sticks, General Tso’s Chicken and Pancakes) that contain HFCS.

All of our menu items are picked by nutrition specialists to contain more whole grain and protein than the typical cafeteria lunch. We pride ourselves on the quality of the product we produce in our kitchens.

Why is flavored milk offered?

Flavored milk, such as chocolate milk, is offered because experts agree that it is better for children to drink flavored milk than to avoid milk altogether. The nutrients in milk are important for growth and development. All campuses offer skim white and low-fat, reduced sugar chocolate milk.

What beverage substitution is made for students who are lactose intolerant or have milk sensitivity?

Each campus offers 100% fruit juice and water in addition to milk.

Do you offer vegetarian meals?

Yes, every day there is at least one vegetarian entrée option.

Do students have to take all food items offered?

Since Round Rock ISD school are a part of the National School Lunch Program and follows the “Offer Vs Serve” meal pattern, students must take three (3) of the five (5) meal components offered, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable.